A divorce is an understandably devastating experience to endure. When you marry a person, you don’t imagine having to live without them. Now that you do have to experience life without them, it can shift your mindset in some challenging ways. This is why a glow up may be necessary. 

If you find that you’re in a post-divorce funk, implement these six great tips in order to experience a post-divorce glow up.

1. Get a New Hairstyle

When you’re ready for a glow up, consider changing your hair. Whether you cut it off, straighten it or change the color, go to the salon and get a hairstyle that fits your face well. However, don’t stay in your comfort zone. Let this be an opportunity for you to become a little edgier. Try something totally different. It can be really exciting to see yourself in a new light. 

If you don’t know how to maintain a certain hairstyle, let this be an opportunity for you to regularly visit the salon so somebody else can take care of it for you. Enjoy all the amenities that life has to offer even if that means your hair is a new color every six months.

2. Transform Your Body

If you’re out of shape, use this time to get in shape. If you’d like to tone up your body, start spending more time in the weight room. Transform your body by exercising and eating a clean diet in order to become the best version of yourself. As you look better, you’ll also feel better internally. Plus, physical fitness is important in order to make sure that you’re able to enjoy life to the fullest without any restrictions.

3. Professionally Enhance Your Features

If you look in the mirror and notice some features you’re not in love with, it’s okay to change them. It’s your face. You have the right to do what you want to do to it. If you are noticing that your cheeks and other areas are starting to sag, consider a vertical facelift. If you want to make some wrinkles and fine lines disappear, take advantage of treatments that can directly diminish those things.

4. Travel

Author Elizabeth Gilbert famously traveled the world during her “Eat, Pray, Love” journey. This happened post-divorce. She allowed herself to feel her feelings and enjoy the moments. Take some time to figure out the parts that you’ve been stifling. Whether you’ve been stifling yourself in the area of food or fun, consider visiting places that can free you.

If you’ve always wanted to travel to a specific country, book that flight. If you don’t want to go alone, consider inviting a friend or family member to go with you. Take lots of photos. Savor the memories, and give yourself a chance to see the world. Traveling opens your mindset to see that there’s more to life than what is in your everyday world.

5. Strengthen Your Finances

When you’re able to empower yourself, you’re unstoppable. One of the best ways to empower yourself is through your finances. Learn a new skill that can help you increase your value in the marketplace. If you are in an unfulfilling career, consider a pivot.

Consider taking some courses. Obtain another degree that can help you remain relevant in your field. If you’re a business owner, find new ways to promote your products and increase your profits. Develop the skill of investing. Find ways to make your money work for you. As you empower yourself from a financial perspective, you’ll be able to gain more confidence as you improve your quality of living.

6. Go to Therapy

Once you’ve come through a divorce, it’s not uncommon to feel a range of emotions. You’ll want to process those emotions in a healthy manner. This is why therapy is a wise investment. You’ll probably learn a lot more about yourself that you didn’t know. 

If you plan to be in a relationship again, it’s wise to heal and learn from your mistakes. As you heal and evolve, you’ll be able to gain more confidence and clarity to move forward in your future.


When you go through a divorce, it’s completely normal to grieve the relationship. Allow yourself the time to feel sad and disappointed. However, don’t get stuck. Even though the pain is present, there’s joy and happiness in your future. 

By implementing these tips and taking it one step at a time, you can experience the best glow up of your entire life.

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